We started out with only one goal in mind – to provide balanced informative product reviews to help consumers make the best buying decision. We knew users were often unhappy with the products they bought, because either they lacked enough information or the data available on the internet was simply biased. That’s what drove us to come up with the solution.

TheBeastReviews was created to provide a one stop platform for users searching for unbiased reviews on the best products in a particular product category.

How We Review Our Products

We take the best products in a category and review it in a format which is reader- friendly and at the same time provides enough information which will help you make an informed purchase.

With the ‘Quick Peek’ segment in our review, you can have a quick look at the top 3 products so you know which ones are the absolute best.

  1. Best Overall – An optimal balance between the price and the specs on offer – often the best choice in the category
  2. Best Premium– The cream of the lot; the top-grade product which is reflected in its premium price
  3. Best Value – A good budget option that is popular among the users.

However, we also have plenty of awesome products further down the list which you would definitely want to check out.

We wish to emphasize that none of the products featured on our website are paid for to be there. We pick them based on popular opinion, user ratings and other outside sources. If you think any product deserves to be mentioned in the review then please contact us here.

Buyers’ Guide

It’s always good to know certain things when you are looking for the best products so you fully understand what are you buying into. Keeping this in mind, we provide a buyers’ guide at the end of each review which will help you understand the product, its eco-system, uses and much more.